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by shrike_15 (shrike_15)
at March 30th, 2007 (04:10 pm)

"Down from the mountain I came at break of day. See how the mist rises at its food....

"I have tidings to bring to the town beyond the river in the south, tidings from the hermit. No, I am not allowed to talk further of this."

I put down a long bundle, about four feet in length. It is wrapped in a simple black woollen cloth with yellow and green straps. Sitting down I stret wood on the sea....

"May I ask—are you a musician?"

"Yes, I am. Do you wish me to play for your guests?"

And so I take the Qin out of its cover and tune it. I remember the great Tan Tsu teaching me this one....

"I apologise but now I have to leave. The way ahead is long and I wish to arrive this evening."

Leaving this place is like the moments in childhood when the butterfly rests on my fingertip for just now and is gone. A little sad. But I can't help it—till I return.

Emmy [userpic]
by Emmy (ladybrighid3333)
at December 14th, 2005 (07:22 pm)

ladybrighid3333 walked past the tea house. It was late and she was tired. After witnessing a bunch of breakups and a couple hissy fits after a school assembly on safety, she was not in the best mood. Not to mention she knew she was getting sick. And then she had spent five hours working in the library to get all her college applications done. One of the sisters had suggested that she fill out as many applications as possible to transfer into a different school next year, saying that Lillian University "would not challenge her." She still had to print off a few things and retrieve stamps for the envelopes in her arms. Seeing a light in the window, she was curious. She supposed it couldn't hurt if she stopped by to get a cup of tea. She had every right to spoil herself, seeing as her moods were definitely affected by the people she hung around with.

Lazily kicking her shoes off on the mat, she hopped into building. Bowing a greeting to her host, she requested a cup of chamomile tea with honey and for the time feeling extravagant(and probably depressed), a fancy chocolate-cherry queen cake.

After a few minutes, with a tea cup in hand, she murmured a prayer to herself. She really didn't feel that great. But she knew that the tea would calm her at least a little. And hopefully, someone would come by and give her a hug.

Kimiko [userpic]
Slow start
by Kimiko (crazy_bookworm)
at December 13th, 2005 (03:09 am)

I'm feeling:: tired

Stifling a yawn, crazy_bookworm tried to remember something of the floor plan of the tea house. She really wasn't her best right after getting out of bed. She had come here looking for tea, in hopes that the tea would help her wake up completely. Unfortunately that plan left her really lost.

Wandering around, she kept going from room to room trying to find the tea. If only she met some one who was also awake, then they could point her in the right direction. Luck wasn't on her side, because it didn't seem like many people were here yet.

Deciding to follow her nose, she managed to make her way into the kitchen. This wasn't where they served the tea, but at least she could get some now. Looking around, she noticed the oven. Glancing around, the girl looked contemplative. If no one was using it, hopefully no one would mind if she "borrowed" the oven to make some cookies. After looking out the doorway, and up and down the halls, she decided that it was safe enough. Tying her hair back, she started to rummage throught the cupboard for ingredients.

A few hour later, crazy_bookworm felt completely awake. Baking really helped. The only problem was the mess that was left in the kitchen and all the cookies she had made. While thinking of the best solution, she heard the door open.

((Hope this is okay. ^_^))

by Jasmine The Great (kidding, kidding) (sakuraflower)
at November 28th, 2005 (09:02 am)

A steaming pot of tea was set down in front of her, but just as she was about to have her first sip a movement near the doorway caught her eye.

Was that ladybrighid3333 on this early morning?

by Jasmine The Great (kidding, kidding) (sakuraflower)
at November 27th, 2005 (10:17 pm)

sakuraflower  walked quietly down the path.  It was quite early  morning and she knew that the tea house would just have opened its doors.  Having woken up early to do some extra notework, she had been falling asleep at her desk so decided to head down to the Tea House.  At least she could get a decent cup of tea there, have some breakfast and perhaps meet a few friends to keep her company.

The air was chill, and as she exhaled she huffed out steam.  The lake was quite placid this morning, hardly a ripple on it's surface and she stopped to take in the beauty before she stepped inside the tea house, took her shoes off, and was led to the other end by a young girl whom she hadn't seen before.  She was the first here, but she didn't mind.  She sat down and awaited her tea to be served.

by Jasmine The Great (kidding, kidding) (sakuraflower)
at November 27th, 2005 (09:53 pm)

The small young japanese women walks quietly and slowly to the front of the Japanese Tea House.
Opening the front doors for the start of a new day she enhales the fresh crips air.

A new day.
Let's see what patrons will pass through the doors today.

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