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The Japanese Tea House


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Welcome to the Japanese Tea House.
This is a place where anyone can meet for a typical Roleplaying-type conversation.

Let me describe to you what this place looks like.

This Japanese Tea House is nestled amongst a deep green valley in the South of Japan. It's quite a way out of the ways - but it's always quite busy.

As you walk up towards the tea house, you can see that is traditionally made and designed. As you enter, you are reminded to remove your shoes, and place them out of the way.

You are lead by a slight japanese girl in traditional clothing to the table of your choice. Large lush Olive Green cushions await you and allow you to relax deeply into them. The floor is lined with tatami mats, and there are screens that section off parts of the tea room for privacy, should one require a private conversation.

As you look out the open window, you see hills rolling down into a large lake in the middle which has sakura trees in full bloom draping across the water. Pink petals float delicately on the serene top as the blueness of the sky reflects upon its surface.

Small cups of tea are the common place here, and you eagerly await yours to be brought to you as you watch the steam rise slowly from everyone elses cup.
Food can be ordered here to complement the tea. Anything Japanese that is!

So please, come in, relax, chat, and be peaceful.

Please refrain from profane language where possible.
Everyone is welcome.

Your friendly moderator is sakuraflower

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