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Emmy [userpic]
by Emmy (ladybrighid3333)
at December 14th, 2005 (07:22 pm)

ladybrighid3333 walked past the tea house. It was late and she was tired. After witnessing a bunch of breakups and a couple hissy fits after a school assembly on safety, she was not in the best mood. Not to mention she knew she was getting sick. And then she had spent five hours working in the library to get all her college applications done. One of the sisters had suggested that she fill out as many applications as possible to transfer into a different school next year, saying that Lillian University "would not challenge her." She still had to print off a few things and retrieve stamps for the envelopes in her arms. Seeing a light in the window, she was curious. She supposed it couldn't hurt if she stopped by to get a cup of tea. She had every right to spoil herself, seeing as her moods were definitely affected by the people she hung around with.

Lazily kicking her shoes off on the mat, she hopped into building. Bowing a greeting to her host, she requested a cup of chamomile tea with honey and for the time feeling extravagant(and probably depressed), a fancy chocolate-cherry queen cake.

After a few minutes, with a tea cup in hand, she murmured a prayer to herself. She really didn't feel that great. But she knew that the tea would calm her at least a little. And hopefully, someone would come by and give her a hug.


Posted by: Emmy (ladybrighid3333)
Posted at: December 15th, 2005 11:29 am (UTC)
Young Wizards by chattycheese

Spotting the frantically childish wave of a friend in the doorway, ladybrighid3333 laughed. It felt good to laugh. She knew what the girl really wanted too: a piece of the cake. She called out, "sakuraflower! Come over here!"

Posted by: Jasmine The Great (kidding, kidding) (sakuraflower)
Posted at: December 15th, 2005 09:00 pm (UTC)

sakuraflower grinned. Getting up, she balanced her bookbag and tea as she walked over to ladybrighid3333.

Giving the girl a quick peck on the cheek (a hug would have upset her tea and cake) she took a seat on a lush green cushion across from her friend.
"WHAT is that cake called?" she asked, before she said anything else. "Becuase I want one!"

She indicated for the waitress to attend to her, then focused her attention on her friend.
"You look kinda down...is everything alright?"

Posted by: Emmy (ladybrighid3333)
Posted at: December 16th, 2005 06:18 am (UTC)
Yomiko: Cherish by Yomiko's Library site

"Chocolate-cherry queen cake" she murmured, knowing that the question asked was more a rhetoric demand to the waitress.

She sighed a little. "Stressed, tired...there's a lot going on at school... When people are upset, I get the reverberations harder than everyone else...Even if I'm not involved. I sense things too easily." She felt alone. It wasn't really an uncommon thing for her to feel separate from the rest of the world, even surrounded by friends. She was different. Empathy was a gift she had always detested. It was wonderous when she was meeting new people or when she wanted to be a good friend; horrible when she had to deal with all her friends and acquaintances' pains.

She felt her tears come, but didn't bother to hide them. She knew that letting go was going to help her feel better. Even though it hurt to get upset in front of her friend.

Posted by: Jasmine The Great (kidding, kidding) (sakuraflower)
Posted at: December 17th, 2005 05:55 am (UTC)

sakuraflower reached a hand across the table and grasped the younger girls in her own.
"Empathy is a gift...although it hardly often seems like it is. People come to you when they are in need of a good ear to listen to becuase they know they can trust you...and that you give honest and good advice...I know it doesn't make it easier on you but you have a real gift - never forget how important that is to you. It's what defines you."

sakuraflower took a deep breath and exhaled softly, shaking her head.
"I suppose it's hard when you feel like you are there for everyone but when you need someone to talk to perhaps they arn't there? I can relate somewhat. But I know it's difficult when everyone thinks you are a psychologist of sorts!!!!"

Sipping her tea, sakuraflower watched tears cascade down her friends face. Squeezing her hand, she knew it was best to let her friend cry it out. She knew she would feel better for it and she knew it was enough that she was just here.

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