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by Jasmine The Great (kidding, kidding) (sakuraflower)
at November 27th, 2005 (10:17 pm)

sakuraflower  walked quietly down the path.  It was quite early  morning and she knew that the tea house would just have opened its doors.  Having woken up early to do some extra notework, she had been falling asleep at her desk so decided to head down to the Tea House.  At least she could get a decent cup of tea there, have some breakfast and perhaps meet a few friends to keep her company.

The air was chill, and as she exhaled she huffed out steam.  The lake was quite placid this morning, hardly a ripple on it's surface and she stopped to take in the beauty before she stepped inside the tea house, took her shoes off, and was led to the other end by a young girl whom she hadn't seen before.  She was the first here, but she didn't mind.  She sat down and awaited her tea to be served.